Your Resume, Is You

A properly formatted resume is extremely important as well as the information that it contains. A resume is an extension of you, experience, skills, knowledge, it tells your story to the prospective employer. From the beginning of the employment process your job is to sell yourself to a company or business that will believe in you! How do you to make sure that you are putting your best foot forward when it comes to your resume?

Before putting a resume together. First think about your experiences both workwise/professional and personal. Start with listing the work experiences that you have and what each job/career showed you, skills, programs, software, machinery, opportunities to manage, train or supervise other employees and what those responsibilities entailed.

Second, think about all of your personal experiences, church events, volunteering, programs/software used at home regularly, part of organizations and the responsibilities. You will be surprised how much of it can be added to a resume. For example, if you participate in a school PTO, girl or boy scout organization, coaching in a sport, volunteer for a non-profit, putting together events, leading a team, so on and so forth.

All these experiences are “knowledge”, and are both a mixture of soft and hard skills, which makes your resume more marketable and appealing to a prospective hiring manager. All this leading to formatting your resume properly.

When constructing your resume always separate sections, contact information including email and mobile number #1, skills #2, education #3, work experience #4, volunteer/organizations/memberships #5. Always proofread your resume and have someone else also proofread it just to make sure all errors are found. Following this simple procedure can make a world of difference. Happy job hunting!!!

Written by:
Raul Ruiz, CEO/Sr. Executive Recruiter
Survwell Recruiting Solutions
A Direct Hire Placement Firm based in Northwest Arkansas placing top talent nationwide