Will Employers Really Look at my Social Media Sites?

Ummm… Count on it. Employers are always looking for good people and social media has become an important tool in their recruitment and hiring efforts.

Did you know that 84 percent of employers use social media to recruit new employees? And, 82 percent also use it to recruit passive candidates. Passive candidates are people who have jobs and who are not actively looking to change employers.

“How will they find me?” When you submit a job application or a resume, if your skills and experience are something that interests an employer, they’ll simply Google your name or look you up on several social media sites.

“What are they looking for?” Mostly, they want to confirm the things you claimed in your resume or job application. Things like your work history, your work skills, projects you worked on, your education, and the special things you can bring to the job.

“What turns them off?” Talk, comments, photos, and videos about theft, excessive alcohol or illegal drug use, negative comments about coworkers or employers, and anger issues can suggest that you would be a difficult person to work with.

“How can I get started?” First, clean up your current social media sites. Remove anything you don’t want employers to see. Next, create an interesting place for employers to visit. Build a profile that includes all the things an employer wants to know—your work history, skill sets, the important projects you worked on, plus your major accomplishments. Then, join some groups for your occupation. Ask questions and offer comments. You might also consider adding some content to your site. Write a tips and ideas list for visitors to read, or maybe some how-to videos they could watch.

“What are the top social media sites?” Below are the sites human-resource professionals think are “very or somewhat important.” Don’t join them all. Focus on one or two. Be sure to include links to your site on your resume and job applications.

LinkedIn 89%
Professional/association site 83%
Facebook 25%
Personal blog 23%
Google Plus 19%
Twitter 18%
Instagram 10%
YouTube 7%
Pinterest 5%

Data: The importance of Social Media for Recruiters and Job Seekers, SHRM



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